Jan 30 / kim Never apologize for being the best you.

Empowering young minds to do what they have set in their heart not only means showing them what is capable but it means showing them how to get through the struggles. I have been blessed to be a part of a circle of women who show consistently show up to the table and bring everything they have to give. They lift each other up and push each other forward. This is so important during a time where raising daughters is a delicate tightrope walk. I think that allowing them to be their own person is the primary concern. Disclaimer here. This is my thoughts and how I choose to raise my girls by no means do I think this is the only way. I believe that they should choose their path and with all of their might be their best at what they choose. If this means that they choose to one day be a wife and a mother. Do it with everything that God has given them. If they choose to be an entrepreneur by all means GO FOR IT. If they want to be the best auto mechnanic, baker, vet, firefighter, artist, or all of the above, DO IT. One of the things that we seemed to have lost is the ability to find that intensity and chase it. There are so many unique qualities in each one of us and if we spent more time encouraging and lifting each other up. With my own mission I have spent time in the pits and tried to figure out how to pull myself up on the down days. What I’ve recently learned is that we can’t do it alone. We are meant to be a part of a flock and care of a flock keeps the flock strong. Take a look around and how your flock makes you feel. If you don’t have a flock how can you get in a place to find yours?

Ask yourself this question. What can you do to put yourself in a place of intention or clarity and make each day one where you attack it with intensity? What can I do to bring a positive energy to my day?