Adopt A Rescued Bird MONTH!

As many of you know I have a deep love and passion for helping parrots in rescue.  I have two rescues that I hold a deep respect and love for.  Feathered Love Parrot Rescue of Yuma has been my home rescue and given me a the drive to do more to help these creatures.  We have fostered and we have adopted and more importantly we listened to the stories and felt the pull on our heart.  All Parrot Rescue in Washington has blessed us with our Max and as a family we love these two like they are OUR family.     More than 85% of parrots are re-homed within their first two years of life and what I admire and have learned from these is education is key.  Understanding the need and commitment of parrots is something that is lacking and causing so many of these creatures to suffer.   In honor of Adopt a Rescued Bird month I would like to throw out a fundraiser that will go back to supporting these birds in rescue.