Brianna and Elijah – October 1, 2016



The tension has built, the planning has been done, the day is here!  I love weddings, I love every part of photographing a wedding.  From the very first contact when I get to know the bride and groom, to the planning along the way.   Every single time I form a friendship with a client and I get to see them off into the marital horizon.   Then there’s the very special circumstance where I have worked with a family and captured birthdays and senior photos and special events and then I get to sit in a front row seat as they walk their first born down the aisle.  I am so lucky and so blessed to have had the honor to photograph this special day.  Best wishes and Blessings!


Website Under Construction

It has been an amazing and fantastic year!   Now that we are getting to the last couple of months I am going to be doing some organizing and arranging so that I can begin to bring more gorgeous photos, more artwork, and some video tutorials.   Thank you!