Paint, Draw, Click???

Photographer, Painter, What are you??

The answer to the question.  I’m both.  I’m more than that.  I’m also a wife, a mother, an artist, an IT professional.  There is a list of the job titles that I can hold but I think the one that fits is I’m a believer.  I’m a believer that if you see the beautiful in the world you will be the beautiful in the world and that can spread like an epidemic.  It wasn’t until recently that I gained the confidence to take my art mainstream.  I have been a freelance photographer for years but bringing my art to the scene has brought a very vulnerable part of my creative spirit to the main stage. I take a photo with the intention that I capture the emotion that is in that very moment.  I draw and paint to delve myself into a world of color and light that I hold the steering wheel.  I am just beginning my quest to paint, photograph or draw the world a little more beautiful but I hope that who ever may read this finds it inspiring and hangs on for the ride.  Corny….maybe? 

Here I am!!

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

-Henry David Thoreau

So this is it!  This is where I decided to quit saying “Maybe tomorrow.” This is where I start making my dreams a full blown reality.  I have had a deep love for all things artistic and creative since I was very young.  Over the last few years I have taken on photography projects and worked with clients in all areas and while I still will continue to work on photography projects now I am putting my art out on display.   With the encouragement of my husband and family the response has been surreal and I am enjoying every single second of capturing life either in photos, on canvas or on paper.  I truly love creating both in front of my easel and behind my camera.

I have so many ideas forming for KD Fine Art and slowly they will find their way to you.  I hope that all of will tag along for the ride. 

Much Love,