About the Artist

When you truly and honestly allow yourself to be what you were created to be there is a unique freedom and peace that comes along with that.


I love to teach, learn, grow in all aspects of life. I spent many years as a shadow artist and keeping my creative side a secret in fear of who knows what. Over the last four years I have allowed that part of me to grow and flourish. I have even developed a passion for helping others find their creative spark.

Three major causes give my world a whole new level of love and purpose.

Art – in all it’s forms it has a way of uniting a community and building ties. It heals the spirit and brings forth the ability to create something where there was nothing.

Autism – this has touched my life and changed my world in ways I could never comprehend. When I heard that word over a decade ago I knew that I would climb this mountain with my son and no matter what we would turn this challenge into a blessing. For being a kiddo that didn’t have many words I have witnessed him show love, kindness, compassion and touch so many lives just by being him.

Avian Welfare– I am an enormous advocate of the parrot community and support rescues in all of their mission. Exotic birds are being traded and sold at alarming rates and over 80% of birds sold commercially are rehomed or neglected or abused within the first two years of their life. They deserve so much more and I have opened my home to these rescues and commit a portion of each parrot piece/print sold to rescue. Two rescues have blessed our family with our incredible feathered family and this is the least I can do to help the mission they serve.

Feathered Love Parrot Rescue and All Parrot Rescue are just two of the many warriors out there that are giving a voice to these beautiful creatures when they need it most.

The next question you may have is Art or Photography? I am both! One doesn’t thrive without the other for me and they feed into each other offering up inspiration. My photography clients often experience something different when I work with them. I aim to collaborate and offer up a relaxed and patient experience that allows me to capture the moments and personality that envelopes their individuality.

“Find what ignites your fire for making the world better. Pour yourself into that. Do that! The world needs more “that”, and be gentle with others version of “that” … it has its place as well even if it doesn’t match your own.” -KD