Hello 2018!

As we close out 2017 I can’t help but look back with a whole big helping of gratitude. I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog or website but that is something that I have set as a goal forward going into the new year. Pouring into the community in Yuma and allowing the artwork and creativity to bring phenomenal people into my world. During the middle of the year, I joined the team at the Littlewood Fine Art and Community Co-Op.

This is a place that provides artists a place to come together and practice their chosen medium and collaborate to grow. It also provides art classes free to anyone in Yuma under 18. What can be better than that?! Showing a generation how incredible the arts can be is such a precious opportunity. If you haven’t had the chance to stop in, don’t be shy!

During this year as a family, we have also dove into the avian rescue community. We adopted 3 beautiful souls from two rescues and we continue to work to serve the rescues that have given us a chance to provide a loving home.  Each one of the sweet babies in rescue that we get a chance to meet has a story that threads itself deep into your spirit.  They provide so much inspiration and motivation to our family.  I look forward to bringing their stories and the stories of their friends to you here.

This has been an incredible experience and given so much insight into how much of a need there is to advocate for these precious creatures.






The family has continued to thrive and grow and we look forward to all of the opportunities ahead. There are so many exciting events coming up and I plan to bring them to you here! I plan to cultivate this blog into something that brings art and images that inspire.  I could go on forever about everything that has happened this year and that would make this an incredibly long post.  Instead, let’s go into the new year together and hang on for the ride.   I hope this blog can give you an insight into my world and all of the pieces I hold dear. I am always open to suggestions!

Happy New Year and let’s make some beautiful art.

I promise I’m still here!!

There have been so many exciting things going on in the last few months that it’s taken me a bit to catch my breathe and dedicate some time to the blog.  As for right now I get to capture a beautiful couple on their big day!!  From photography and families to art to festivals and artsy people near and far it’s been an exciting year so far!!