Keeping the best secrets!

KEEPING SECRETS!!!  The session is booked, the photos then taken, the announcement is made and the love starts pouring in!  I LOVE IT!  The time that I get to spend with a family to plan out how they are going to announce big events in their life is spectacular! Here I got to spend an evening playing with little M and her giggly smile is contagious.  I can’t wait to meet her little sibling and get the cuteness overload that comes with it! 20160924-img_1308-edit

Brianna and Elijah – October 1, 2016



The tension has built, the planning has been done, the day is here!  I love weddings, I love every part of photographing a wedding.  From the very first contact when I get to know the bride and groom, to the planning along the way.   Every single time I form a friendship with a client and I get to see them off into the marital horizon.   Then there’s the very special circumstance where I have worked with a family and captured birthdays and senior photos and special events and then I get to sit in a front row seat as they walk their first born down the aisle.  I am so lucky and so blessed to have had the honor to photograph this special day.  Best wishes and Blessings!