Rise and Shine

Living in the desert and being a lifestyle photographer can bring interesting challenges.  As the temperature rises I find myself working with clients to  get creative with the timing of outdoor shoots.   We have to beat the heat and very few take the opportunity to really appreciate the magic of that first light of the morning. 

For this family shoot we planned a 6 am shoot and the desert didn’t disappoint with some gorgeous golden lighting add this beautiful family and some awesome laughs from an adorable pup.  We had an incredible shoot with some timeless shots.  

What to wear, what to do, what to bring…. JUST GO WITH IT

I tend to develop friendships with each one of my clients and love seeing their family change and grow during the sessions.  During each session we can day dream and brain storm of ideas that we would like to accomplish during future sessions.  This session was no exception.

I had my laundry list of items needed and gear to bring. I worried about what the conditions were like and if the children were going to be okay.  The reality of it was that we went into this with no expectations, no limits and decided to have a ton of fun with it.  

For the better part of two years we dreamed up this session and it did not fail to be one of the most fun, adventurous and spontaneous sessions we have done.  This session was also a maiden voyage for a collaboration and a chance for an artistic sister hood to shine.   Working with Linda Campos (Broken Lenz Media) we were able to create a family memory that is truly magical.

Experimenting with a “family memory” session we were able to bring a video and still images that this family can look back on for years to come.  We thank you Kelly and family for a shoot to remember.


Last note.. never be afraid of taking on a new adventure and evolving an idea,  let that artsy light shine!