Senior 2016

One of the greatest perks of my job is that I get to meet new people and interact with them on a level that allows me to turn their vision into a reality.  During this session I had the privilege of talking to mom and getting to know that her daughter wanted something different and fun for her senior session.   Angelica was heading off to GCU and we were ready to have some fun!  This session had a sensational car, a sweet historical downtown location, a random and spontaneous field and it wasn’t short on laughs and fun.   I love talking to clients and getting to know what they want out of their photos and it’s this collaboration that makes for phenomenal images.

Yea that’s me lying around on the job 😉

Where is this going?

What exactly will KD Fine art be?

I made a choice and it was a fairly recent choice to listen to the what was going on inside and follow where my art would take me. I love the community of art and the inspirational people that I have met.  Artists of all mediums are creators and the majority enjoy the diversity of what an individual can bring.  So this is my goal.  Create! Create!  Create!  To keep creating until my  hands and eyes give out and in that creating capture what is really truly beautiful in the world with my camera and to bring some more beauty to the world with my art.  I want to encourage others out there to be completely passionate about something that they can contribute to the world.  We live in a time where there is entirely too much ugly and if I can encourage just one person and light that fire to believe in their inner “something” then I have accomplished my mission.  In my lifetime I have kept my talents hidden mostly because of self doubt or some other really dumb reason.  It could have been a fear to shine, but WHY?  Why are we afraid of individuality?  Expression?  Standing apart from the crowd?  We shouldn’t be.  So I go back to the initial question of  “What exactly will KD Fine Art be?”  It will be me, taking you along for the ride of my effort of spreading a bit more beautiful and meeting some incredible people along the way.  I made this decision at a pretty good time also.  My children are now at the age where I can’t let this dream fade into oblivion in hopes it will fade from their memory.  They have seen their mother create and love it.  They see my artwork sell, they see the photos I take and most of all they see what it means to truly and really love something.